Greetings from ol´ Europe!

Major Mess

Apr 15, 2007

Well, I´m just doing my Diploma here in Germany and i was always keen to study marine biology. I did, but right now my major is neuroscience. I´m really happy with it, but i never wanted to give up marine sciences and after exploring the awesome world of the cephs i decided to study them in future.

When i found Tonmo i thought it would be a good idea to sign in, so that i maybe get information about projects or a Phd job (to give a broad hint... :P) or scientists, who are working on them.
And of course to be in touch with people, who share the same interest!!

:welcome: Jonas

My major for my Bachelors was Behavioural Neuropsychology and behavioural Zoology....but then I got subverted!

I'd imagine that there is heaps of potential to study the neurology of cephs!

You do realise that once you're here you can never leave :twisted: :lol: This is an infectious place to be!!!!!

We also have an................ummmmm........odd sense of humour (at least I do) and threads can get shall we say side tracked! But tis all fun!!! and there is some serious cephy business done!

;welcome: from me as well. I'm really in the avocation rather than vocation for all things biology at the moment, but I've also studied some neurobiology and found that cephs, in addition to just being fun in general, are very fascinating in that area. I even have "Nixon & Young's Big Book of Cephalopod Brain Histology."

I look forward to hearing you chime in on this sort of stuff...
I'm mostly stuck with the worship of Cephalopod Idols, but do delve now and again into real science...Welcome!

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