Greetings fellow ceph gazers

Jan 15, 2006
Just de-lurking to say hi... I live in Florida and work as a zookeeper, and I got to school part-time. Although I'm generally not too fond of pictures of myself, I will attach a picture of my tattoo (assuming I did this right)- the cephalopod of unknown origin.

Thanks to everyone for making this such an awesome community!



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tonmo said:
Nice tattoo, Mary! Thanks for joining, and for becoming a Supporter out the gate!

Ditto, my friend. :welcome: to our-well, Tony's technically- little corner of ceph-based wonderful-ness!

"I'd like to be, under the sea..." *hums the rest*
Hi Mary! Crackingly good tattoo you have there! Crumbs, that must have hurt...
I couldn't bring up the original tat post, but I'm assuming that both were on your hips. Not much flesh next to the bone there. Yeowwch! Was the vampy based on any particular shot/illustration?
I'm getting the Vampy at the end of June; the other tattoo is 10" long, The tentacles are on my butticular area, and the tip of the mantle peeks around the front of my hip. The tentacles were fine, the mantle hurt like crazy. Worth it though...

The next one will be based on the pic that's under my ID on my posts.

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