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GPO Anesthesia (AZA)

Dec 20, 2020
Hi all,

I am collecting articles & journals on the successful anesthesia of GPOs, as well as experiences you may be able to describe while working in an AZA institution or otherwise. I am an aquarist at the New England Aquarium, and we are planning our spring acquisition & quarantine. I've raided Drum & Croaker, the past couple Seattle conferences, and some other free resources, but am having trouble finding applicable information.

Any information will help, thanks in advance.

Jordan Baker
Hey Jordan! Can you PM me your email address (easier than FB messenger)?

I'll send you a preprint of the latest paper from my group on neural and behavioral assessments of general anesthesia in temperate species (not GPOs, though the data should be generally applicable). Also, are you in contact with Meghan Holst at Aquarium of the Bay in SF? She is completing her MS degree in my lab looking at welfare indicators in senescent GPOs and she's used local anesthesia to collect tissue samples. I am happy to put you both in touch if you're not already in contact.

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