Good to be back

Apr 6, 2016
East Coast United States
Hello everyone!

I am excited to re-join TONMO, I used to be active under other usernames back when I had cephalopods of my own from 2006-2010. I am interested to see where the community has gone since then; I still love cephalopods of course even though I don't anticipate getting back into aquarium keeping in the foreseeable future.

A bit on my marine aquarium experience, I used to have a 125 gallon tank, live rock/sand, kept a variety of organisms (domino and blue devil damselfish, clownfish, green chromis, hermit crabs, arrow crab, peppermint shrimp, chocolate chips stars, common urchins), four of them octopuses (who at the time only shared the tank with the echinoderms from the above list). TONMO's articles, especially those by Nancy King, Colin Dunlop, James B. Wood, and Denise Whatley were exceptionally helpful for my research before getting into keeping cephalopods.

My first octopus was an O. bimaculatus who I thought was a bimaculoides until she laid eggs unexpectedly, which hatched into the very small juveniles of that species (though a few made it a few weeks, the unexpectedness of the event meant I was not prepared to raise them). My second was a male bimaculoides, very friendly and loved attention and new people, had him for a good long time as well. The third was an unidentified female from Western Australia, who looked an awful lot like the photo in Mark Norman's Cephalopods: A World Guide for Octopus sp. 10 with the small body, pointed thin head, and long arms with spotted reddish coloration. The fourth and final was a large male from Indonesia, also unidentified but suspiciously close to Octopus sp. 2 from the same book with the thick arms and intense black-and-white threat display.

As for myself, I am in my final year of undergraduate study. I work as a music teacher and composer. I am currently writing a digital ethnography for a class, a cultural study of my participation in a digital community with a particular identity. For these purposes, I will be writing about my experiences as a TONMO user. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask!

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