GollumCam is online!

Nov 27, 2002
I can't believe I did this...I know nothing of web publishing or networking, but...I couldn't shake the notion that I wanted a webcam on my tank, so friends could see my octo, Gollum, "live" even without beeing here.

Well...it worked! With little effort, I have a webcam aimed at my tank uploading photos to my crude and utterly simplistic site! It may make any self-respecting webmaster cry, and the camera may yet require some troubleshooting and tweaking, but it's my first site... :biggrin2:

Now, of course Gollum is perhaps the most timid octo I've ever heard of. In fact I haven't seen him in over 3 weeks. :shock: :? So you probably won't actually see him. And his lighting cycle is roughly 6pm to 2am Illinois (Central) time, so you can't see anything much of the day. But it (usually) really does work! :biggrin2:


It works! That's fantastic! Lets hope he puts on a little show for us.

Hey that's great!!! I'll be sure to check in tonight after 6!!!! This could be a new thing for everyone to try!!!!

Well, not to be morbid, but I'll be surprised if any actual octo is visible until Gollum passes away and I introduce a more gregarious species. Possibly he may come out when the lights are on but I'm not here...he seems very sensitive to my presence. But I had the time to do it this weekend, so setting it up and posting it here gives me a chance to test it out and to get feedback from other people with different browsers on how well it seems to work.

It really was much easier than I'd thought it'd be, so if anyone wants to try this, I'd encourage them to do so even if they have no webbuilding experience (like me.)


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