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Glass cover plates?


Apr 19, 2003
An experienced friend of mine said the following:

Glass covers for most tanks are deadly, unless there is
heavy circulation going on (via an external sump). Some
sort of cover with weighted, tight-fitting eggcrate would be
better. I'd guess the three fishes don't show any distress,
but an octopus would consume a lot more O2.

Any thoughts/comments?

The egg crate i know of would be very easy for an octo to escape through.

You are right in thinking that sealed on glass covers would be deadly without adequte O2 going in which is why i always recommend a good skimmer, even if its on 24x7 in smaller tanks, and maybe even use a powerhead venturi or airstone.

never had a problem with glass covers on any normal tank though
Hey Jon:

I have glass covers on my Bimac tank. Although, I do have an airstone and an air skimmer going full time. I haven't had any problems thus far.

Making an aquarium airtight by use of cover glasses is almost impossible.
Two of my Octo aquarums have glass covers. The third has an acrylic cover with a rubber seal. All this aquariums keep Octopus successfully.
One of the aquariums is fitted with an oxygen sensor, this always reads above 95% of saturation level.
Provided there is plenty of filtration/circulation then covers are probably the best way to an Octopus in the aquarium.
Covers on tank will block some light, even if kept spotless, so are often avoided on reef tanks.


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