Gathering Octo Food

Apr 18, 2004
Hi there i have 1 week untill im done with classes, and was wanting to plan a trip to the nearest beach. Which is atlantic city, or maybe even virginia beach to gather a large supply of Octo food straight from the ocean.

I was wondering if anyone lives near either one or has been to either one of them, and knows if their are those baby clams if you dig far enough into the sand, or if their are little crabs there also? I just don't want to go all the way there and find out there is nothing to catch. any info would be good
I live near Pt. Pleasant NJ and I collect locally. Some of the inland beaches have a great supply of all types of clams, mussels razor clams. My daughtor and I collect at a small beach near a marina and the amount of life is just amazing in this small area! I would try an inland beach, near any marina where you mention. My octos eat all types of snails also and there is a pretty good supply of different types of crabs also. The baby stuff seems to be more inland than right on the ocean beach.

Good luck!!

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