G2 Watching TV!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I am more convinced than ever that G2 watches TV! This morning Jess went into the livingroom and at that point, he was on the kitchen side of the tank watching me. When I went past by his tank he was on the opposite side positioned up in the corner, so he could watch Jess and the TV!
Classic...love the look in his eyes, pontificating over what is on the screen... :biggrin2:
Very cool... He looks like hes about to fall easleep though lol! It almost lookes like he was holdin his head in his hands like somone bored sitting at heir desk. Im guessing his faveorite soap wasnt on. :P Oh and by the way I like ur macro algae what kind is it?
How big is your Octopus? By the way, its lookin' kewL and very "into" whetever it's watching. Let me guess..."It Came From beneath The Sea" was playing on TV, and now your Octo is inspired to terrorize New York?
JK! lol...im only playing, but anyways nice plants and nice Octopus. Looks very healthy.
Hi Carol

very interesting looking octo!!! interesting eye spots... not vulgaris if it has those!

Did you bag a cyanea? :smile:
G2 is the one I've had!!! I am now back up to a 2 octo household!!!! :smile: Didn't we decided he was a 2 spot Carribean? Is that what a cyanea is? I'm horrible with scientific names!!! Far as I can tell the new one does not have any!!!

And G2 is now the size of a tennisball curled up! And the plants, I'm :oops: to say are plastic!!! I had converted a fresh to salt and liked the plants on the top of the tank and discovered all the octos that have been in that tank, play in the plants!
sorry carol, i got mixed up... does the spot still have blue in it?

filosus is what we tentatively decided on :wink:

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