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Nov 20, 2002
I was scraping algea and rearranging the plastic plants in G2's tank and I had to stop because I realized he was actively stalking me! So grabbed my camera and got some more pics. Someone was talking about the different moods of the octos when they are changing colors and textures. G2 changes so often, I am not sure what mood he is in. I know he did not like the preflash for focusing on my rebel. He doesn't mind my elf camera but can tell the difference when I try to get shots with the rebel and almost runs away from me. Anyway, these three colorations were the result of my photo session with him. The one shot you can see him holding the claw of his crab till his bite kicked in!
A photo shoot with G2 is always quite something! He's so many different colors and textures - must change pretty quickly, too!

How big is G2 now?

G2 curled up is a little bigger than a tennis ball. Mantle has to be maybe 3" and his arm length is around 6 to 8"! I think he has stopped growing and this is as big as he's going to get. Dec. 18 will be 5 months! Lucky for me as he's still in my 29 flatback hex. Don't think any of my bimacs have had the ability to become so textured. He sprouts points in seconds! He sits observing whatever I am up to, as his tanks location is in a central point of my livingroom with visual access to my kitchen, diningroom and he does watch TV!

Did I say welcome??? Anyway, you want to talk about personality!!! G2 is such a nosey little guy, but I do need to be careful, as he can startle very easily! We have learned to make sure he knows we are at the tank so he doesn't jet away and ink!

Also, I see you are in Ohio. G2 came from That Pet Place in Pa!

Good luck in your search! :mrgreen:


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