G2 of Many Looks!!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
It's only been a week since G2 came to live with us and I am amazed at the variety of color and texture changes he does. I am still not sure on species. It seems as if he has put on size in the week I've had him. I'd say he's doubled which is amazing! Everytime I look in the tank he looks different. I took alot of shots today and got a pretty decent one of his eyespot. Looks broken and very different from Inklet.

Inklet had his first Killyfish today. The local bait shop was out of crabs and Jess and I were off to a new pet shop up north which claims it is getting in a mimic octopus.....I'm not so sure on that, but they claim to have a source... I think Inklet injured himself somehow, as the one eyespot is gone and there is a white patch where it was, like he got stuck on something...I felt bad as he ever had his arm covering the spot when I noticed it a few days ago. He had curled the end of his arm exactly over the spot. Sure hasn't affected his appetite though!
These are incredible pics, Carol!

We need to figure out what species G2 is - it's amazing how different he can look.

Sorry about Inklet's injury. I wonder what happened - hope he's OK. He looks good in the pics. I always thought Inklet had a very expressive face (eyes).

Thanks everyone!! G2 is a pig!!! Jess and I went collecting last night, and I stocked his tank with about 20 hermit crabs and one large crab, and on last look, he had about 10 of the hermit crabs, was being pinched all over the place but didn't seem to care! Guess the hermits don't do much damage, thank goodness!!! Anyway his size curled up is the size of a tennisball. I got a good picture of his spots again, yesterday. I am thinking maybe the 2 spot we thought, but his growth in only a week is amazing. He swam all over the tank trying to catch a Killyfish and did finally succeed. He is deffinately getting very bold. I walk into the livingroom and there he is perched on the top of the barnicle. His black and white striped look seems to be his wary look. He also was trying to catch my fingers when I tap on the glass. :mrgreen:
very nice pics Carol...

I think that filosus is probably our best guess :smile:
I think you're right Colin!!! He has that small species attitude that I don't see in the bimacs. Just pissy ya know. Hope I have him for a while!!!

well, from the size of the octo and if its filosus there should be a bit more growing to do :smile:

Does this one show any interest in toys?

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