Frustrating lack of interesting scientific studies

Dec 24, 2004

Like the title implies, I have pored over every document that will provide me with knowledge on architeuthis and other horribly fascinating creatures. I am CRAVING a well-written, exhaustively researched study on the giant squid.

Problem : I live in a boring place without a diverse array of squid info. Where else but good ol' Indiana!

Problem : None of my peers are mature enough to fathom my healthy
obsession with the natural world.

Godsend : After over ten years of searching for something to quench my thirst for knowledge, I have found this website.
You might want to check out the Science tab on this web site. There you will find both general and specific information on Architeuthis and Mesonychoteuthis.

Also, there is the book by Richard Ellis - In Search of the Giant Squid. I haven't read it, but its fairly recent and should detail much of what is known.

Other than that, it's just gonna take dedicated research, lucky googling, and possibly some delving into scientific journals.

Good luck! And, let me know if you find anything neat!


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