Freshwater pics and my frogs...


TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
Hi there,

some of you may know that I also have a keen interest in freshwater tanks and amphibians amongst other stuff so just thought i'd update you all on what's hapening there since i am cephless at present :frown:

so attached is some pics...

the aquarium is a FW 36"x30"x30" stocked with various plants and fish and the frogs are caled Budgett's Frogs which are curently breeding. Amplexus is the name for the clasp.

some more :smile:

kuma and jade are my mutts!

There is a freshwater stingray in the tank

and the tank is heavily planted with about 200 plants and many species

Hey Colin!!!

Nice tanks!!! Cute dog/puppy!!! What is the can on top of your one tank? Saw there's a tube going into the tank?? All live plants!! Nice! Do you run an undergravel on Fresh?

Also.....CEPHLESS :bugout: !!!! How can you stand it????

Great photos Colin. I'm really missing out, I don't even have goldfish!

Love the expression on the faces of the frogs. it looks as if they are engaged in a wrestling bout!

Awesome tank. I used to have several freswater tanks, but converted them when I got into my "Marine phase". I only have one 10 gal freshwater with a scat and some crayfish (for Tralfaz).

I kept freshwater (really brackish) puffers for a while. They were pretty difficult (seemed prone to fungus infections). Are the freshwater stingrays difficult to keep? Do the frogs ever escape out of the tank. (The dogs might like that :bugout:
re: freshwater stingrays...check with your local game and fish first...a friend of mine ordered in two beautiful yellow spotted rays, and now they adorn educational tank at the AZ G/F office after they were seized, and he was fined 1,800 bucks!!! He said they were very easy to keep (while he had them).
re : pics. Beautiful tank!!! Nice job with the you use a co2 injector??
Hi all

thanks :smile:

Can answer two questions in one go:
The small can on top of the tank is a CO2 bottle that helps the planst to photosynthesise during the day... costs about $5 a month to run so its a cheap way of adding CO2 but takes a lot of fiddling to start with.

The Fw ray is easy to keep. It follws on most of the octopus care issues, like avoiding copper and stuff like that, so if yo can keep an octo a ray is dead easy! 8)

Yep, the rays are banned in some parts of the USa so that doesnt bother me :P

The frogs dont escape, they are really fat aquaic frogs that are not so good as swimming. they are very unusual and not often seen on trade lists. they can actually scream if threatened!

This tank is filtered by a fluval 3 and a fluidised sand bed made for a 50gal tank, the plants do all the rest :smile: so no UG filter...

heres a couple more pics :smile:
Hi Colin,

Great looking tank, and no algae! I have a small plant tank going at the moment, mostly Riccia, and I know it is not easy keeping them green and happy and algae free :notworth:

Great pics...I use the same basic thing for co2 injection...frustrating for me, because Tetra sells a fantastic co2 system IN GERMANY, and not here in the states...I can't seem to even locate one via mail...damn red tape! And don't be all smug about the rays over the we can keep...we can keep...oh hell. Maybe we should move over there...trying to find cuttles is proving to be a real pain in the rear!
LOLOL well..... someone just needs to get their finger out and get some and start breeding them!

have you seen the AquaMedic CO2 kits? can you get them in the US? They are quite good :smile:
Hey now...I am trying my best to get a large setup together...this is all on MY budget, not the zoo's, so I am limited...pers. will pay off though! I haven't seen that brand of co2 injector for sale here, but will call the wholesalers as soon as they open...thanks for the tip!

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