Formal Introduction


Jul 11, 2007
Hey! Im an art student and my theme is Cephalopoda. I am also an avid diver, and perhaps that is the reason for my love of these genius molluscs. On a night dive a few years ago i saw and held an octopus. I was so amazed by its power and fluidity. Through research for my art, i have come to discover how universal cephalopods are biologically, socially, and historically. I suppose what has held my attention on cephalopods for so long has been their absurd aura and a few tentacles. Regardless, once you go Ceph, you never go back(that didn't rhyme but you know what i mean. I was amazed to find a place where all of us could congregate and share are love for cephs and i hope to learn so much more from this site.:biggrin2:
:welcome: to TONMO! There are a number of ceph artists-in-residence, so I'm sure you'll fit right in.

I could use some gills myself, although I'd also like chromatophores, if anyone's taking orders...

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