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Food enrichment

Dec 16, 2005
Laie, Hawaii
What is the best food enrichment for cuttles? I want to add something to my mysid water that will make them more nutritionally beneficial to the cuttles. I am most concerned with calcium uptake so they can produce a thick cuttlebone. Would Selcon, Zoe, or Zoecon be worthwhile? What about Vit. C to boost their immune system or garlic to ward off parasites (has garlic even been tested on cephs)?

Just wondering if I can better provide for my babies :smile:

Thanks for any help or input
Mysids are the best food by themselves, you don't need to add any vitamin/mineral enrichment. I am not sure if cuttles get calcium from the food they eat or from the surrounding sea water, I will need to investigate this...

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