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Food enrichment

Dec 16, 2005
What is the best food enrichment for cuttles? I want to add something to my mysid water that will make them more nutritionally beneficial to the cuttles. I am most concerned with calcium uptake so they can produce a thick cuttlebone. Would Selcon, Zoe, or Zoecon be worthwhile? What about Vit. C to boost their immune system or garlic to ward off parasites (has garlic even been tested on cephs)?

Just wondering if I can better provide for my babies :smile:

Thanks for any help or input
Mysids are the best food by themselves, you don't need to add any vitamin/mineral enrichment. I am not sure if cuttles get calcium from the food they eat or from the surrounding sea water, I will need to investigate this...
I'm sure you know this but it bears repeating! If you do decide to go for enrichment make sure there is no copper in the supplement.....fatal for cephs!