Flash & Lil Pumpkin


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Has there ever been any studies on the effect of the flash of a camera and an octopuses eyes? I had a thought. Since we really haven't noticed other octopuses eyes going white, could Ink's condition be from the flash? I try not to use it directly in their faces, but you can see even Ink with her eye condition flinch when I use the flash and I have noticed Little Pumpkin see's the camera coming and I could swear he covers his eyes with his arms when I try to take a second shot. I am thinking maybe I need to invest in a bright light that I could use to illuminate when I want to take a shot, but sometimes, the shot I am after comes and goes so fast, there's not enough time to set something like that up.

Anyway, I have 1 new shot of Lil Pumpkin taken with my new Canon Elph S400! So far I am pleased with the results!

I'm interested to hear what everyone else thinks on the flash and their octopus!

Yea!!!! I think I could deffinately become attached!!!!

Totally amazing the capabilites of this tiny little thing!!! Even the video is not bad!!! I tried to get Lil P to put his arm out at me when I was tapping the glass, which is does all the time, but of course when there's a camera waiting, he totally ignored me!!!

I think it does hurt them since they would have no prior notice as to when its going to happen and maybe it might be too bright. Looking forward to a video :smile: :wink:

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