First Pic of Jetta's Babies


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Nov 20, 2002
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Hi all,

As you know now, Debbie (dbbga) is letting me have 6 of Jetta's babies to attempt to raise - thanks, Debbie!

We both know that the chances of seeing any of these babies through to maturity are slim, but I'll try my best. I'm turning the babies loose in a 19 gallon mature tank teeming with amphipods. (and thanks to Colin, for encouraging me to take on this project!)

These pics were taken by my husband Bill of Jetta and the babies in Debbie's tank. One shows Jetta, another Jetta and the containers with the babies, and the third shows a baby. These are the first published pics of Jetta's babies! :smile:

OUTSTANDING SHOTS!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for coming over getting your babies and PLUS a HUGE THANK YOU to you and your husband for taking such great pics of Jetta and her babies...... :birthday: to all the new arrivals
Ahhhhhh.......Jetta looked like she was trying to get her babies!!! How tiny and cute!!! Best of luck to both the new OctoMOM's!!!!!

here are the pics Alicia took of the babies she took home,,, one is of the eggs just seconds before hatching and the other two are of they babies
Hi Nancy!


(This is Alicia with the other babies)

How are yours doing? I hope all goes well for all of us and we can grow at least some to adults.

I'm pleased to report almost all of the babies ate atleast 1 mysid shrimp shortly after birth. :biggrin2: Now, unfortunately, I'm beginning to get nervous... Like I said after their 1st feeding they almost all ate, now they're taking their sweet little time to eat. :frown:

We'll see...
(To clarify things for our readers, there are three of us who have Jetta's babies: Debbie, who has the most, Alicia, who has 20 or so, and me - I have only 6.)

Hi Alicia,

I think my babies are doing OK - see my new update thread. We saw two this morning and one appeared to have grown. It looks to me like they'll go for the baby amphipods, since they are easier to catch than the shrimp.
Of course, it's a different situation when they are kept in small containers like the beta cups than when they're turned loose in a tank.

Wish you and all of us the best with our octo raising efforts. I'd like to have one to become my next octo pet. Jetta seemed like a fine octopus, so we know they come from a good family!

good luck!

Nancy , I agree :frown: I came home from work to find four of the little guys had died :cry: i think the cups are staying to close to the lights in the tank and the water in the cups got to hot....In am also going to turn them loose in the tank,, I have many amphs in there and many one or more will put on some weight...

Alicia, I also am having trouble with thier eating so the best thing to do is let thm go in the tank and wish for the best.... :? :frown:
I'm sorry to hear that Debbie. I hope that they do well in the tank. How's Jetta doing? Is she still mad? :x

I had some ideas I might try feeding wise... some work but we'll see. One, being trying to catch some amphipods and feed them for a more varied diet. Another, kinda big though, is possibly nassarius snails? (any thoughts on the snails?) I don't know but I'll let you gals know.

Take care and keep in touch. :talker:

Nancy, sent you a PM.
I think that the batch rearing until they have eaten a few things is the way to go, that's the main thing i would do differently if i were to rear baby briareus again... just stick them in a tank and let them get on with it... The ones that i kept in plastic tubs were dead by day two i think???

I think nassarius snails wont work, anybody got baby guppies or gambusia that you know??? mollies even?

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