first oversized meal pics

Feb 24, 2005
well last night a friend brought over a pet blue crab for kashmir which was almost bigger than he was but regardless the crab was less of a challenge than the frozen shrimp and fiddler crabs and was captured as soon as it hit the bottom of the tank! ive also got a video but i think its too large to post


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You could ask the mods about the video, I would love to see it, maybe they would know how to shrink it a bit to make it more bandwidth friendly.

Cool photo
Blue crab? Boy, do I miss the taste of blue crab. Last time I had one of Stoney's famous crabcake sandwiches the market price had gone up to nearly $18.00/US for an eight oz crab burger. That's a luckky octo!
i live on the coast so i can catch as many as i like. great for octopus food too

ive tried sending a few to the mods to post but no reply yet so im guessing that they are too large

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