Finding Nemo 2?

this is kinda parallel to the finding nemo thread... the relations between companies is being followed over there.... as for the sequel, i think disney retains the rights to sequels even though they split...pixar wanted out pretty bad...
Hmm. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to that film (nemo)...and ended up really liking it (agree, dory the blue tang is funny) I do hope the sequel will be done with Pixar...disney has gotten a little to commercial...oh well.
Maybe they could do a film about PT boats.

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming..........Aw crap the song's stuck in my head. I have to agree, Dory is my fav character, she has so :smile:
If there are any hopes of a sequel, Im sure that Disney and Pixar will have to team-up again, they both retain rights as WK has said, so If they can let the small arguments slide I have muh hope for Finding Nemo 2, if it will be called that lol. Im sure they will work on a sequel with a completely different storyline or maybe not, but I think a new storyline is in order but who knows, it might end up like toy story where all they did was "re-play" the story...
Just look at the gross and net sales the Finding Nemo DVD has made, with those figures Im sure this heated debate between Pixar and Disney will turn into thin air.
Not much online about "Finding Nemo 2", practically nothing to search for. :frown: :?
Will have to wait a while I suppose.
actaully, now that eisner was semi-deposed, theres talk overtures might be made to Pixar to mend all that there fussing and a fueding.... :whalevsa:
lol, same here. I just want to see screens or something (ANYTHING!) about finding nemo 2, which I really hope comes out. :smile:
On a few movie sites, they have recent information on the "suppose sequel", which I might add is set to come out late 2004, from what I've read. :smile:

Pixar has two more films with Disney - one I know will be called "Cars", the other I'm not sure of. Disney is pulling forward two of its own projects to release at the same time as Pixar's films so to reduce the price of Pixar stock - or so it has been reported. Pixar's deal with Disney was a fluke and Disney was very angry that Pixar got such a good deal. Disney weren't able to influence the films and imprint the "Disney" ethic on Pixar films.

For instance: in Toy Story, there is a single mother with two kids, no visible father - a big no-no in the Disney world.

Pixar's web site will tell you more. Suprisingly, it's very graphic intensive!

Re: Pixar

krin said:
For instance: in Toy Story, there is a single mother with two kids, no visible father - a big no-no in the Disney world.
Then I'd hate to see what they said about Miramax's Kill Bill! :goofysca:

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