Finally Truffles Pics.

Jan 31, 2003
My girlfriend got a couple pics of Truffles at 6:30 this morning while the tank lights were off. I managed to get a couple more a little bit later. Even with the bedroom light on, you can't see anything thru the lcd screen when shooting the dark tank. So you're just aiming at the octopus and shooting blind :roll: It never bothered me photographing Roxy but now I feel so bad scaring Truffles with the flash.
Nice pics, I particularly like the last one. Are those red knobby stars you have? I bought a red fromia and purple linkea today. They had a red knobby there too, but I was unsure about it.

Spring :smile:
Nice shots John! I too like the last one!! They look like local starfish. Did you collect them? Lil P is very sensative to the flash and will go hide is I try to take more than one picture with it. He's even covered his eyes with his arm.

Maybe a flashlight would be less freaky to him.

Here's some more pics. We had a breakthrough today and Truffles decided to become a diurnal octopus. Actually I think he just lost his fear of us. He plays tug-a-war with us and comes right up to our hands or face on the glass. The stars are Forbe's Common Sea Stars, Asterias forbesi. They are real common on the jetties and tide pools here in North Carolina in the summer. So yes, they were free. 8) They will destroy a clam within 5 minutes of it being in the tank. Fun to watch!
Truffles is really becoming friendly quickly!

And please continue with the great pics - he's so small in that big tank!

You lucky people who live near the sea - imagine just being able to find your sea stars!


Great shots!!! Love the differnet patterns he goes through! Well captured moments, and very glad Mr. T is getting used to his home! 8)

Will be ready for more pics when, he is! :wink:
Great pictures!!! He looks bigger than Inklet! How long have you had him now?

Are you getting the snow they are talking about this morning?

We've had him for two weeks today. I really think he's already grown a bit. No snow, just cold rain and 25 mph winds. I hate winter at the beach, but I love the warm months down here. It's a high of 45 today, but is suposed to be 70 by Sunday! I'm gonna have to go brave the weather in a little bit to catch some crabs for Truffles. I can't wait :roll:
How lucky you are John, to live on the coast were you can collect your own starfish. I hope to find some crawfish this summer. :mrgreen:
Truffles probably has grown noticably. I've had Ashi about 3 weeks and he's at least, half again as big as he was when I got him. :shock: He's growing unbelievably fast.

Spring :smile:

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