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final plans....hopefully


Mar 2, 2004
I have a oceanic 58 gallon tank with overflow with a 20 gallon sump and a aquac remora protein skimmer.i plan on putting 50 pounds of live rock in the display tank and a inch of sand in as well. i plan on putting live rock in my sump as well.could i make a refugium out of the sump and run a bak pak 2 biolgical filter on it(i am using one on my 29 gallon reef tank without the protein skimmer and it works great)
are there any problems with my plan

thanks again for everyones help
yes a refugium works great with octo tanks :)

one drawback with a UV would be that if you are using it for the return water it would kill any amphipods or copepods travelling from the refugium to the octo tank, so maybe its bad from that point of view...
... but they do help keep the bacteria and algae levels down in a tank :)

personally, i have never bothered with UV and prefer regular water changes for keeping quality good :)
I am currently setting up the same tank (set-up too for that matter) and built my own sump to include a fuge. I basicly made the sump the size as the stand then divided it into half with the right for the W/D tower (drawers from Target). Then I divided the left into two, the back chamber is for the return pump and so is only 5.5" wide and is then cut to meet the right half and the rest of the left side is the fuge. The AquaC Remora then hangs in the middle over the divider and fills the fuge which then overflows over the back wall into theback (return) chamber. The only adjustment that I had to make was add about 6" of tubing to reach form th ebottom of the sump where the skimmer's PH is and the skimmer itself.
It is a little backwards in plumbing the Fuge, but I want to keep ink out of the Fuge.

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