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Filled up

Not bad...Not bad at all. Btw, did you use RO water? or did you just leave and wait for the chlorine to dissipate. I think the rock on the extreme right is a little too far front, but to each his own..... :smile:
A good start!

I hope you did use RO water, because not only chlorine, but other things are removed when it's produced.

I can't tell from the pics, but did you leave a cave or two among the rocks? Your octo will need large and small caves to accomodate it as it grows.

And are your rocks placed in a secure way, because your octopus will surely try to move them, even when it's not very big.

Yes I used RO water. I think I will move the rocks around once it gets clear. Also Im planing on putting a black backgrond on.

The only other thing is the temp. Since this tank is in the basement the temp. can get about 55°F. Is that too cold?
The temperature will depend on the species you get, but 55 degrees is too cold for most commonly available species. I think you're going to need a heater. Mabye 66 degrees for a bimac.

Octopuses like company, too - I hope you plan to visit it a lot in the basement. I put mine right by my the dining table and my laptop.

good stuff!

i take it all the buckets were the RO water? looks heavy :smile:
Looks great!!

I'm sorry I had to edit out the pics and make them links, but they were messing up my homepage... :? I'll take a look into that problem for the future...

But looks great! :smile:
55 f is too cold for a bimac, Between 70 and 80 f should be ideal. Like what Nancy said about the rocks or the same thing that happened one of my unnamed cuttles might happen. :wink:

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