Fiddler Crab Blowout End of Season Sale


Blue Ring
Jun 13, 2007
TarBay will be increasing shipment size by 50% during the last weeks of our Fiddler Crab season which ends on August 16 2008.

All orders will be overpacked with at least 50% more than is specified in the order.

All orders on back-log due to postal error will also be shipped heavy during this week. As of now, we have two orders that need re-shipping.

Please visit our site at to place orders and for email ???'s.

Enjoy the newly released DV Snowboard edit as well! Located under the newly updated link.

TarBay thanks all of our customers one at a time. Thank You.

Chad Smith
410 807 6938:sink:
Has anyone received their fiddlers?? I was one of the reships. Ordered 100. 60 alive/60 dead. Had an email saying they would reship either last friady or monday.No crabs and no response to emails???

I've found the hardest part to keeping an octo is finding someone who will supply fiddlers????????
gholland;123063 said:
Hmmm... I've NEVER had an issue ordering fiddlers from Sachs.

NO ONE has ever had major problems with Paul :biggrin2:. Sometimes the crabs are smaller or larger than you would like but he catches what is available that week so they are always fresh, he is a super personable vendor and your critter has reliable food.

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Chad at Tarbay has told me three times in the last month that my crabs were reshipping to replace half of my order that arrived dead. It has been 5 weeks since the initial order. The reason they were half dead is because 120 fiddlers were placed in a kitchen trash bag, placed in a box and shipped. They were supposed to be shipped overnight but were shipped 2nd day UPS. Very frustrating.

Good news for me is that I will no longer be getting fiddlers because my octo has taken to all sorts of frozen seafoods.

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