[Cuttlefish]: FF218's Cuttlefish Reef

well thats just my luck, haha.
I'll wait until the starfish is gone before I add any of my corals.

BTW yes keith they are S. Bandensis
Fishfreak218;121073 said:
Oh, I was under the impression that marine inverts should be the staple diet and not marine fish.

Most cephs seem to prefer marine inverts, but many will eat fish, my point is...if you are offering your ceph a fish it shouldn't be a goldfish! but something marine. Whether or not the ceph will eat it is an entirely different matter :biggrin2: and totally out of your control :lol:

I'll try the silversides one day.
Anyway, I'm leaving on vacation for 9 days and I am really starting to get worried becuase last time I flood fed (and only left for like 2 days) but this time someone needs to hand feed them. I pray that everything goes well. Wish me luck!
I'm on vacation right now and I was hesitant about leaving the cuttlefish for such a long period of time but so far so good. They are now eating freeze dried krill (as long as it is soaked in a cup of tank water) but they do prefer the frozen. I never expected them to eat so well and I am hoping to see some good growth from them as I start to add variety to their diet.
Has anyone else had luck with freeze dried foods and cephalapods?
I also bought some of those Jurassic Triops that I used to have has a kid (or at least a younger kid) and I'm going to try them when I get home from vacation. Our vacation has been extended but I'm not too worried about it since the pet sitter said that everything was going good.
Pics when I get home!
that is correct, but i figured i'd try them just for fun and for the cuttles to hunt since they have been getting only prepared foods and no live food
Well, It is 1:42 and I just got home from my trip and I just got a text message saying that the pump had turned off and it was sent 3 DAYS AGO!!!!!! Sooo I dont know how this happened but the cuttlefish tank has been off for 3 days and nothing died...
Im stumped.
Good luck i guess!

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