Family Tree of Cephalopods (with Smilies!)


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Nov 19, 2002
Took me ages. Hope you all enjoy it.


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What a great idea! I wish I could see it bigger and better, but I guess Tony is working on that. You know, it would make a wonderful poster.
Thanks so much, Phil!

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you liked it.

A poster? Well, that would be quite difficult to do as I've only got a small monitor and increasing the size of those smilies would make them blurry. that means I'd have to draw up a whole load of new larger ones which would take hours, and possibly days. (The above diagram took me five hours). Maybe I could have a stab, but it's finding the time you see.

Just a couple of points to make about the diagram:

1) I based it upon my old ceph tree diagram in the fossils forum, which in turn was a simplified combination of Theo Engesers coleoid tree and the tree in

2) The octopod branch is considerably older than the version in my old diagram due to the discovery of the Carboniferous Pohlsepia, which I didn't know about at the time.

3) The relationships of the coleoids, esp. the Cuttlefish and Teuthids to the belemnites has not been resolved as far as I'm aware. Some researchers think the cuttlefish maybe a descendant as opposed to sharing a common ancestor. Depicted is only one possibility, that area should be covered in question marks!

4) I lumped all the orders of nautiloids together for clarity. This is another confused issue with differing opinions as to how many orders there were.

5) I left off some of the more obscure cephalopod orders, e.g Phragmoteuthida and Diplobelida for clarity.

I think they are rather cute!
Hey, my wacky heteromorph ammonites are represented; that's all I could have asked for...
Actually, I've just discovered that it will print out onto an A4 sheet almost perfectly providing one sets all the margins to zero in 'Page Set-Up' (under 'FILE') and uses 'Landscape' format.

Not exactly a poster, but easier to look at than the screen.

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