Aye, that's the latex model Discovery had built for their series Animal Face-Off. Also seen in the attachment here.
Out of curiosity, when was this in The Guardian?


  • conv_288378.jpg
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aha, thank you!

sept 10 - i didn't actually see the article... i think it was to promote this book

though at the same time people were talking about the colossal squid discovery with photos by you? i got the impression it was the same article..anyway i'll find out for sure and let you know -

out of interest how realistic is this model? what is it of? is it the right size? and is the eye realistic?

The model is as accurate as possible; dimensions and morphology are based directly on the 5.4m specimen that came in from the Ross Sea. Steve consulted with the model-makers at every step of the way, and the result was pretty impressive, although obviously pink latex doesn't do the true color (-changing abilities) justice, nor were the photophores able to be included. The process of making the model was discussed on this thread, and
this one talks about the Colossal Squid vs. Sperm Whale Animal Face-Off episode itself. This one is about AFO in general.


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Tintenfisch - just to let you know the article was in the Guardian's Weekend magazine, 10.09.05. It cited the 2003 Ross Sea discovery and attributes the photo posted above to your name, albeit spelt 'Kate'.

Sorry if this is all a little alarming, but jeffcapeshop, myself and a few others have been battling out an argument over the past week as to whether this was in fact real or not...

The model is going to be mounted at the aquarium where I work.......hopefully in time for the Christmas/summer school holidays..........needless to say the theme of the holiday programme is squid!!!! this hol (which starts less than a week :shock: ) is Murder at the Aquarium, where kids get to don their CSI caps and solve the murder of Penny Paddle Crab.............!

Anyway back to the model.......it's undergoing some repairs, as it got slightly battered being towed through the sea! and we're in the process of sorting out how to attach it to the ceiling above our ponds, how to light it effectively and the biggie.........how to pay for all this!!!! When it's been repaired I'll endeavour to get pics throughout the process and post them.........at the moment tho' tis too sad. It's stored in a studio storage area wedged between metal whale jaws, shark jaws and a copy of cave paintings from Lasceux (sp???) :sad:

kong said:
It cited the 2003 Ross Sea discovery and attributes the photo posted above to your name, albeit spelt 'Kate'.

Yes, I heard about this. :mad: I've contacted them to find out whether this is the case in the book or just the press releases.

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