[Event]: Live WebCast re: Cephalopods

Jolly exciting stuff Tony ... but there's that reference to 20m (60 foot) long giant squid yet again......right in their intro. Maybe I should just use this figure myself when giving talks etc ... it sounds far more impressive than the truth.

Any way of contacting them and getting them to correct it to 13m (~ 40 feet)? Details coming from the BM should be as accurate as possible.

.....I'm off to topple most ungraciously from the roof ...... :bonk:
.....am feeling a little precious these days (feeling a little like my avatar) - you think I'll need to duck do you? One of the many reasons I have unlisted details in the phone directory. :roll: LOL.
I just finished watching the broadcast! Amazing to be able to view it live!!!
I also found it amazing they can store sperm for such a long time! Explains why some have fertile eggs while not being near a partner! Also I never realized how quickly they can rejuvinate limbs!

Amazing stuff!!!

Well, I made the supreme sacrifice and set my alarm for 7:30 on Sunday morning, so I could be up and about to watch the webcast.

Any way of finding out how many of us tuned in, Tony? Do you have that kind of statistics?

No, I don't have any such statistics... but I am glad that at least a couple of you tuned in! Do tell us more about what was covered. How long was it? I think I tried to jump in about 45 minutes later but it was already done. Does that sound right?
It lasted exactly 1/2 hour. He showed slides of some squid and alot of cuttlefish. Really didn't cover much on octopi at all.

Carol :smile:
ARGGGHHHHH I missed it too :x

No fair! And that would just have been nicely in the middle of the afternoon too! :frown:

Yes I missed it too. Wish I'd had a bit more notice as London is only 70 miles away and I would have travelled up. Bah!

And the museum has an enormous fantastic model of Architeuthis hanging from the marine invertebrates gallery. Double Bah!
Hi all,

Just one more than about the webcast. It apparently originated from and was sponsored by The Darwin Center at the Natural History Museum in London. Previous webcasts are now in an archive online, so this one probably will be too, in time. Here is the link:


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