Even Blackadder likes cephs


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Nov 19, 2002
Well, OK, actually it's Baldrick...

This is the episode in Series 3 (Victorian, I think) where George decides he's going to become clever by giving patronage to the new dictionary Dr. Johnson has been writing for ten years. Blackadder has also written a novel, which he terms his magnum opus, to which Baldrick replies that he, too, has a 'magnificent octopus' - a novel which, I believe, reads 'There once was a sweet little sausage called Baldrick. And he lived happily ever after.'

Didn't Rowan Atkins go down hill from Blackadder?

'I beleive that the phrase I am looking for rhymes with "Clucking Bell"' fav quote :smile:
We are kinda bummed here in AZ....Blackadder hasn't been on the air here for over a year!
Colin said:
Didn't Rowan Atkins go down hill from Blackadder?

Yeah, I agree. Can't believe anyone found 'Mr Bean' funny. It was as about as humour filled as a particularly virulent skin disease.
ahh yeah... mr bean was a fine example of how crap it all got!

Its cringeworthy to watch :mrgreen:
What about the new spy movie he is in??? The trailer actually looks pretty funny...of course, that could be the only funny bit of the whole film, I suppose...oh well.
Well, maybe I'm just a dumb Yank, but I and the rest of Clan Danae (all two of them) thought MR. BEAN was a hoot. Then again, we like Da Stooges too. (A goil who likes Da Stooges? Why soitenly!)

P'raps in me own case 'twas parental influence -- me late Da' (born within the sound of Bow Bells) got me inter watchin' BENNY 'ILL and goin' ter CARRY ON movies....

Tani Hill
'Arf-Cockney Since 1950
if youve been watching carrion movies and keeping this fellow benny ill for half a century, maybe you shouldnt continue.... or maybe two absurd dialects dont mix :P
"I'll get you Henry Higgins ,just you wait?"
Do I win a prize or something????
cthulhu77 said:
"I'll get you Henry Higgins ,just you wait?"
Do I win a prize or something????


You should receive your year's supply of gin and coal-dust in four to six weeks.



Oh, all right -- I suppose the problem is that my dad came here (with his folks, of course) when he was about two years old so he never really developed a Cockney accent. However, I can do a pretty serviceable job of singing in it -- but it's rather difficult to deliver a stirring rendition of "They're Moving Father's Grave to Build a Sewer" or "My Old Man Said to Follow the Van" in a written post.


'Ta, Guv'nor....

Taningia "I've Got a Loverly Bunch o' Coconuts" Danae
Colin said:
its sounding a bit like that guy in Mary Poppins to me

Nope, as a matter of fact I learned "Father's Grave" from a Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem album (yes, they did occasionally sing Br*t*sh songs).... after all, Makem is *gasp* an Or*ngem*n :shock:

As for "My Old Man", the Clancys & Makem did that on one of their albums too, but I first learned it at age 15 from a bona fide British drama/music counselor at a summer camp I attended. He was extremely dedicated to his job, because he loved drama, music, and his pregnant wife almost as much as he loved whiskey and adolescent female campers. Despite his dedication and penchant for throwing himself into his work -- body and soul -- the unfortunate bloke was summarily dismissed by the management of the camp after 2 or 3 weeks. I can't imagine why, can you? :roll:

If you're interested in the lyrics to either of these songs, I will post them here. If you're interested in the psychology of pedophilia, PM me and I'll fill you in on the details privately, under the subject line "My Narrow Escape".

A (fortunately) very quick-thinking
Hey now...I like female campers too.

"what do ya mean, your not on the pill???"

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