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Eggs again! Holy mackrel!


Colossal Squid
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Jan 22, 2004
So the bandensis that I hatched that I am keeping as brood stock are 3.5 months old, and I got eggs today! Who knew.

I seperated what I thought was a male yesterday, and today there are eggs in its tank. Sexing cuttles is really really hard.

This suggests that the bandensis that we get from the LFS are big and old! :D

No movies or pics cause I am recovering from knee surgery. Soon some more documentation!

Whoo hoo!
Thats good.

Its really helping to unravel more information about bandensis and the reasons why they dont seem to do well when people get them... sexual maturity at three months must be a byproduct of life in captivity with food on tap (if you see what i mean :) )

These will all be related now though? Or did you get fresh blood?

That's great! Sounds like your cuttles are doing well. Have you given any more thought to shipping young hatchlings/eggs? I'd still be interested in purchasing some.
see ya
More news - one of the cuttles I sold is laying eggs all over her tank, with no male around. Anyone know if this is common in officinalis?

None of the other cuttles in the community have laid any eggs.

Colin - they prolly aren't related because they weren't all from the same clutch.

We'll see about selling eggs or babies if more are laid or if they are fertile!
good to know :)

dunno about the lone female though... lets hope they are fertile :)

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