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Egg possibilities

Feb 16, 2008
Is there any way to tell if your octopus layed eggs other than by being able to see them? I have been reading about how they will not come out and they will not eat and that is what mine has been doing. it has only eaten three crabs since i have had it which is about a month. Its den is in the back bottom of the tank in the rock work so I cant see into it. The main reason that I even started thinking about this was that the lfs that I bought it from had one other one that has not been purchased yet but is the same type. When I bought mine they were both the same size and now the one there is more than twice the size of mine and eats at least one crab if not more a day. I'm not sure if I am just being paranoid or not but any help would be appreciated. Just want to make sure that it is okay. Thanks

I have not tried anything but hermits yet. I tried to get some fiddler crabs yesterday with no luck and I am going to try to get some frozen shrimp tonight. The octopus when all balled up is about the size of a marble so its pretty tiny and I have gotten some very tiny hermit crabs that are maybe about half that size or slightly bigger. The only other thing that I can think about that I may have been feeding on are the pods that are in my tank which now that I think about it seem like the population has drastically declined. Would this be something that it would be eating? Any other recommendations on what to try as far as feeding goes? Im hoping that sometime he will actually start to come out so that I can see it. I have probably only seem it about 10-12 since I have gotten it. Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.
You need to try a variety of food items. Order some fiddlers from aquaculturestore.com, and you might want to try some small snails as well. Being as small as a marble, I doubt it's time for it to lay eggs.
Yeah I was thinking that it was too small but since this is my first one I didnt really know how big they had to be. I will also order what you suggested and give that a try and hopefully that will work. Thanks a lot for your help.
Tell Paul that you need REALLY small ones. During the colder months, the small ones are hard to come by but tell him they are for a baby and see what he can do.
Yeah I emailed him with my order and asked him for really small ones for a baby so hopefully I will get them since I did not get a reply to the email. Guess I will find out when they get here.

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