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Haliphron Atlanticus
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Dec 31, 2003
I'm curious how many of you have had octos lay eggs, and of those, were they fertile or infertile batches? Also- what species did you have? I'm wondering if there are any consistencies.
Quite a few of our octo owners have kepts octopuses that laid eggs.

I had an O. bimaculoides that laid infertile eggs.

The wild caught octos sometimes are able to mate before they go into someone's tank. As for the tank-bred ones from Octopets, I don't think any were able to lay fertile eggs because they were shipped out quite young.

I've had 2 that laid fertile. Gimpy, who was a dwarf species, and Egor who was a floridia species. I think they were both wild caught and were missing limbs which I believe was from mating.

Several O. warringa/huttoni types have laid fertile eggs.

1 Pinnoctopus cordiformis well before my time laid fertile eggs and during my time 2 have laid infertile. It's actually rare for us to have a female, the pots seem to catch mainly males!

O. digueti that we've kept have laid eggs that were fertile, but the youngsters never lived too long, and the last batch was put back into the ocean(after hatching, of course).

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