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eBay user endorsement from Tani


Staff member
May 30, 2000
Here it is -- a true friend of ceph-heads -- thanks Tani!:

...I would like to recommend a *fantastic* merchant to the TONMO community -- he lives in New Hampshire and has a numismatic store online. I discovered Joe, a.k.a. "Digga from Dover", via one of his eBay auctions.... a beautiful uncirculated 50-cent coin from Tuvalu with a detailed image of an Octopus. The final price was a mere $7.00 + $2.80 insured shipping.

After paying for the Tuvalu Octopus coin, I asked Joe if he could also get me the Iceland 10-aurar coin which is engraved with a lovely Squid. He said he already had one, and would add it to the package for just $3.00 more!

When the package arrived, there was yet another pleasant surprise: Not only did Joe send me the Tuvalu Octopus and the Iceland Squid, he threw in a free bonus -- an Iceland 5-aurar coin with a nice image of a Stingray!

Needless to say, I gave Joe excellent eBay feedback -- and promised him that I'd tell you about the ceph-y coins available for purchase at the "Digga from Dover" store, so that if possible you could post his store's URL to the TONMO community under "Ceph-Related Merchandise."

Anyhoo, Tony, here's the URL:


I'm delighted with my coins.... and with Joe, who is not just a superbly reliable merchant but also a very funny and friendly person!

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