Eating your friend???


Oct 11, 2007
I just wanted to get a judge on how many of you after owning an animal are willing to eat one??? I don't think I could ever eat an octo (I have had calamari though).
I still have calamari now and then but I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable with it. I won't try octopus -- years ago I might have, but not now. It's 2008, probably time for me to swear off eating cephs of any kind!
The only animals that I consume from the ocean are the sustainable clams and scallops, and even then, I keep a weather eye on the yields from season to season. If any sort of ceph should be consumed, it should not be octopus, but squid, which seem to be filling alot of niches historically taken by fish species that have been radically depleted by overfishing. I stopped eating fish years ago, after reading the reports of wild stock declination.

Cows, on the other hand, contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer, are easily bred and maintained, and taste quite good. Growing up on a dairy farm in Minnesota, I also loathe them, and have no problem with killing them and preparing their flesh for consumption.
A friend of mine told me this a few years ago.

"The difference between an aquarist and a zookeeper is that an aquarist will eat his animals"

When I walk next to our large tank with some snapper and ling, I cannot help but begin to salivate. As for cephalopods, unless they are prepared correctly most of them are very appetizing to me. Too tough. I prefer Alaskan sockeye salmon or those great domesticated animals such as the cow and pig. mmmmmm...:biggrin2:

Greg (I wonder what zebra would taste like)

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