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DRUM AND CROAKER - cool 'zine!

Nov 20, 2002
Hi gang!

Lately, when I'm not inking around the TONMO tank, I lurk in a rocky crevice beneath Yahoo's "ceph" list.... which is not particularly active, but (in addition to boasting such members as our own Dr. Wood) occasionally produces a gem or two.

The latest of these gems is a link to DRUM AND CROAKER, an irregular e-zine for public aquarium professionals. If you go to the following link....


.... then click on the New! 2006 Issue hyperlink, you'll access a pdf version of the most recent issue, which features an article on raising :nautilus: as well as a :roflmao: compendium of comments overheard at public aquaria.


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 'n' Slightly Under the Weather,
(Trying to pour tea down my sore throat
without crunching the cup in my beak :cry:
Sep 16, 2005
Originally posted by Tani
(Trying to pour tea down my sore throat
without crunching the cup in my beak

Sorry you are not feeling well, I didn't know that cephalopods got sore throats... :sad:

Thanks for the article. Interesting that they used Instant Ocean. They also said that it took two months for the Nautilus to hatch out of the egg?!? Maybe they could just see the shell through the egg and the animal didn't really spend two months "hatching".

I did have to laugh about replicating The Waikiki Aquarium's set-up. I worked at the Waikiki Aquarium during this time and they didn't spend too much time worrying about the parameters of the tank, it was just a small quarantine tank behind the scenes that they left alone until one day they saw the shell peeking out of the egg. Oh well, a lot of science is like that...

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