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Drum and Croaker


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Feb 1, 2007
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For those who are not aware, there are many good cephalopod papers located in the Drum and Croaker journal. Dr. Anderson just published an article on enrichment in GPOs which can also be used for other octopods. It is an online journal and available to all.



(there might also be an article or two on nautilus and euthanasia but I do not like talking about those:roflmao:
Hmm, Greg, saw your name a lot in the latest issue! Congratuations!

The article by Roland Anderson is amazing - as a part of GPO enrichment, he fed the big octopuses a variety of non-traditional food, such as fish, chicken wings, all sorts of cheese, and hot dogs.

Should you try this? Those are big octopuses and they have big tanks. In a closed system like we have, I'd think many of these choices would really cause water quality problems, but maybe not a small piece of hot dog or a solid piece of cheese.

congratulations to Dr. Anderson and anyone else who may think small print leads is required for proper humility....

Congrats to Jay Hemdal, too, since I know he's been around on occasion.

I wonder if there's any chance I can namedrop marinebio_guy or act enthusiastic to get to visit the Dosidicus gigas that they're trying to raise in Long Beach(!!)
It's also interesting that rubescens has now been raised in captivity, and it turned out that there's a very long (4 month) period between egg-laying and hatching, so previous attempts gave up too early... I know they need chillers, but several people (Roy, for one) have said that they have interesting behaviors... perhaps they're another option for tank-bred octos...
Nice job on the Nautilus paper too! I was very interested to read about how all the tests went. Did you manage to obtain any more concrete ID's on the bacteria?

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