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May 25, 2004
I have a common reef octopus housed inside a little tank (2ft) with a fly screen mesh over top. This tank is housed inside a 6ft tank that has been running for about 6 months. To Feed my baby octopus I have to take the little tank out of the larger tank (for fear of escape) and then feed him his quota of fish and shrimp. Now my question is.......does this process of removing the smaller tank for feeding stimulate the octopus (moving breifly to a new environment) or stress the octopus (change of environment) or neither (as he is still in his original home - just a new surrounding)? Anyone who can give me an answer would be much appreciated.


Octosavy :grad:
Hi and welcome to :welcome:

In answer to your question, you'll just have to watch your octopus to find out the answer. Do he eat? Is he curious or does he try to hide? Octo personalities vary even with a single species, so it would be hard to say. But octos are smart, and if you do it every day, he's sure to get used to it.

What do you mean by "common reef octopus"? What species? - O. vulgaris is the common octopus, but I can't find the common reef octopus.

Nice that you've joined our community - hope to hear more about your octo.

Lovin it


Thank you for your replys and warm welcome's (nice 1 carol). I appreciated your advice and from all accounts he seems to be used to this transition each day. He shows no sign of being frightened and willingly takes his dinner. From observation over the short period he has been in my tank I would have to say he's lovin it. As for the species of octo....I will have to work on that one and get back to you. Cheers,

Octosavy :P

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