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Does This Sound Good


Sep 20, 2005

As u may now i am looking for a tank for an Ocot.. can u guys tell me how this sounds???and what i my need to add on??

108 GAL REF Tank for sale $399 Green Sps corals Kanai Live rock $3/lb 250Watt HQI ballast less then 6 weeks Radium bulb have reciept, ETS700 skimmer 400Watt BlueLine electronic Ballast with fixture and bulb, Red sea wave maker pro live sand $1/lb green star polyps Zoos. obo. Burnaby. Tel: 604-436-0505
Tel: 604‑436‑0505 >> See Details

your oppinion is apperciated.. if its a peice of crap pzz do tell
Option B how about this

75 GAL HAAYDEN fish tank, with stand, aquaclear 300 external filter and an internal filters, current flow, sand, lid and light and some accessories. all in excellent condition. Still in use. Everything you need. 1 year old. paid over $2500. Priced for quick sale, must go. sell for $600. obo. White Rock. Tel: 604-763-5495
Maybe you should spend some more time getting your hands dirty in the research before you jump into an octo. You don't seem to be certain what particular pieces of equipment are, much less which are necessary and which may hurt your octopus.

Hi Octowanabee,

Good advice to slow down and start doing some reading and research. You should do this for some months before buying a tank. The tanks for sale like the ones you mention are reef tanks. It would be better to start with a simple salt water tank with some invertebrates and easy to keep corals and master keeping such a tank. Only after that should you think of getting an octopus. It's not easy mastering the salt water tank and keeping an octo has its own difficulties.

You also need to have planned out what food your octo will need (some of it live),where you will get it and how much it will cost.

So, go slow, reading our posts and all the ceph care articles, have a look at tanks and enjoy learning.

ya, i will take your advice.. i am think for food though seeening how i live one a beach that i will use crabs it they are ok for octos..it is going to be hard for me to find a tank seeing how they are quite expensive and at 15 i dont reel in money..do u think i should get a tank custome made and spend the big bucks noing that what ever i ahve will be good for my octo?? that sounds like the best thing to do...i am jsut rilly excited about this whole octo thing and i cant wait to get one of those cute little creatchers...but i am woneding would it be ok to buy just a tank second hand the the pumps and skimers ect. brand new????

plzz tell me what u think about my plann and what you did when u first got started...

our friend octowanabee
Buying second hand tanks can be risky, you have to trust the seller if they tell you there has been no copper in it and hope they aren't just spinning you a line to get the sale. And yes, this is an expensive hobby (vocation...............!) but it pays to wait until you can get the absolute best you can. There is a thread "how much do you have invested in your ceph set up" in the tank talk forum which will give you an idea on what people have spent!

One idea.....while you are researching is there a public aquarium near you..........sometimes they take on volunteers, no pay in dollar terms but the experience is invaluable.


bmatson said:
yes i agree,
I volunteer at the New England Aquarium and theres is alot you can learn from watching the animals and talking to other workers.

Do you have an octo there at Boston? I just moved into Rhode Island and was considering a trip up there.

they do have a new GPO. I think they've had it for about a month. There was a large GPO that recently died. There are also some small common cuttlefish and a few chambered nautiluses as far as cephs go.
DHyslop said:
I'll have to drive up there this weekend. I'm ashamed to say I've never seen a live nautilus before!


Hi Dan, I would! I saw some at Reef HQ in Townsville (Nth Queensland) a few years back, they were rather surreal. They were displayed in a darkened tank with a few red lights and they'd kinda drift in and out of view....weird!


thanks for the info..Yes there in an aquarium neer me but ufortunetly i think they dont have alot of cephs, i no they have a GPO cuz i slept a the aquarium when i was a boy scout.. :smile: But i will totaly see what kind of ceph research gose on in BC and try and get involved..
Hiya Octowanabee,

Even if the aquarium doesn't have cephs it's a great way to learn heaps about dealing with saltwater environments.......and maybe you caould persuade them that they absolutely need an octopus!

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