Does anyone have an Octopus joubini (Atlantic Pygmy Octopus) in captivity / know of any aquariums? *Filming Request*

Feb 12, 2020
Bristol, UK

I am making a series for a well known online streaming platform. The whole episode is about Cephalopods, and how they they have evolved to adapt and thrive throughout different habitats.

We have a story on the Pygmy Oct, but due to them being nocturnal, and so tiny it makes it difficult to attempt to film them in the wild. Therefore we are looking to film them in a more controlled situation such as public or private aquarium.

If anyone has any knowledge on people who keep this species, or ideas how we could go this your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
In truth, O. joubini is extremely rarely journaled. We just don't seem to see them captured for the aquarium industry. At one time, O. mercatoris was often called O. joubini and there are many older journals with mercs. Unfortunately, it is rare to see even mercs today (if memory serves, we have seen very few since the extreme cold snap in 2010).

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