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Does anybody use DYI live rock


Blue Ring
Mar 5, 2004
I was wondering if anybody uses DYI live rock ( the 4 part oyster shell to 1 Part Portland cement ) Recipe. Is is all right for an octopus - I am assuming yes sense complete reefs can be built from it?
Thanks for the input,
Ps. I can not find Caribbean pay sand any where around me - see anything wrong with using child friendly play sand?
I haven't made any, but I've read several different was to make it. GARF.org has some pretty detailed instructions on how to make it and how to make different shapes. I've also seen pictures where people put chunks of coral and shells in it and it turns out really nice. If you do it could you post pictures of how it turns out and any advice from what you learn? Thanks.
Yes child play sand can be used for your octo tank so long as its cleaned before being added into the tank. I'm not sure on the live rock question, maybe someone else has something to say?
i spent an hour yesterday cleaning play sand for new tanks, i have used it for years and it works great... just takes ages to wash before use!!!

(btw frog tanks not cephs :P )
Hi Scouse 8)

good old fashioned B&Q playsand.... £3,95 per 25k

I have a 5 gal bucket and put about 2 inches of sand in it, fill with water while stirring sand, carefully pour off dirty water, repeat until clean, get smack on back of head from missus, clean bath.... easy!

If using sand for a marine tank its worth putting a magnet in a poly bag and running it through the sand in case of wee bits of metal :smile:
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