Do you like your squid with or without testicles???

Jan 31, 2003
Tonight my girlfriend and I went out to eat with two of her girlfriends from work. We went to a pretty fancy local Italian Restaurant. After getting over my own guilt, we decided to order Calamari for an appetizer. Apparently the last time my girlfriend's friend ordered there, she got some tenticles hooked on to the meal. So when we ordered she boldy stated, "We'll start with the Calamari...and can we please have it with no testicles." We were rolling out of the booth with laughter. Talk about a slip of the tongue. We couldn't stop laughing, so the waiter said he would just come back later...but would be sure to convey her message to the chef. :wink:
Oh dear... Freud once again raises from the shadows.... :grad: she shouldve tried to blame the vino :wine: How was it prepared? fried? also, how was it?

Personally, i think the tentacles can be better than the tubes depending on the cook (tentacles being easier to tell when properly done)
It was fried mantles. I'd give it a 7. A little chewy but the batter was great. The name of the restaurant is "Carabas" by the way. Not sure if they're just a NC chain or if there everywhere. I've never had the tenticles.
Theyre a chain, i think a smaller national chain... i think ive had their calamari....not bad, but nothing spectacular

Still think the Buckhead Diner (Atlanta) had some of the best ive ever tasted....

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