Do you know any Weird Octo Facts?

Oct 17, 2004
Other than having blue blood, irregular pl form, sperm packets, and high intelligence, are there any other weird facts about octopuses?

If you guys knew anything, it would mean the WORLD to me. thanks! :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2:

How's this .......3 hearts, eyes similar to mammals in structure (although no colour vision) can squeeeeeeeeeze through the tiniest of spaces, beak looks like a parrots, tongue with teeth on it (radula), poisonous saliva, learns by observation, "taste buds" on the suckers.

That's off the top of my doubt others wil have stuff to add!

Jean pretty much covered it I think... the other that comes to mind is how the mother typically dies after her eggs hatch (because she's done nothing but care for them since they were laid)...

I guess also the fact that their arms operate indepedently... i.e., sometimes they sense activity that they never "report" back to the central brain. Here's an article on that.

...and all this, and they only have a life span of a few years!

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