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dhl screwed up again!!!!

Feb 24, 2005
:mad: well on my 2nd attempt at aquiring an octo dhl sent it to the wrong location :mad: !!! got sent to a city 2 hours from me and they refused to send it to me!!!...8 hours later and many curse words later... it arrived at my doorstep personally delivered by a dhl manager!... anyway the new octo is in the process of aclimating and aquiring a name... suggestions would be nice... i was thinking pussy galore from octopussy... I HAVE AN OCTOPUS!!!!! :biggrin2: :lol:
I'm glad the little bimac finally made it. I see from another post that he's already eaten something, so he seems to be in good shape.

Please let Octopets know about DHLs failures.

Maybe you should name him something that suggests a long journey. :smile:

How did DHL mess it up two times in a row? Was the address written wrong? I think I should be getting mine next week. Should I start praying to the DHL Gods?
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