Destroyer 134 "Bloody Tourists" Blue ring on cover


Oct 7, 2003
while I'm sure no one here is as immature as I am :smile: and still reads this mens adventure series, blue ring octo's are featured (sort off).

this is the series that inspired one of the all time terrible movies, "Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins"..

I wouldn't suggest the more gentle or the easily offended to read this as it, along with Mack Bolan, were one of the orginal mens adventure series (ie violence, beautiful women, bad guys being mean to afore mentioned women, less than steller writing, etc)

LOL, they couldn't have picked a worse actor for Remo (Fred Ward yeck plbbt phooey) and Harold Smith was just cast wrong. Joel Gray wasn't bad as Chuin, even though there was problems with the Asian actor association.
Even though I bought the tape the first day it came out :smile:

I think I liked Buckaro Bonsai, its been years and I only saw it once.


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