desperately seeking cephalopods near Kona, HI


TONMO Supporter
Staff member
Mar 8, 2004
Hi, folks. I'm now occasionally online from a condo in Kona until the 21st. I've been looking for cephs :snorkel: for the past week or so around the big island, but haven't seen any (although I haven't tried a sandy night wading search for bobtails yet) but I was curious if anyone knows anywhere near Kona that's particularly good for octo-quests (preferably snorkeling so my companions can play, too, but SCUBA's a possibility.)

I know O. cyanea's supposed to be the "day octopus" but I'm wondering if they're out more when the sun gets low like the California octos I've seen: I've mostly seen octos on twilight dives...


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