Definitely Cephalopodan !

Wow, that's a great specimen, Spartacus. Sorry, but I can't lend you £150, as I have no money at the moment; I've have to go without my daily ration of tea at 4 o'clock and cucumber sandwiches with the Mayor of Grantchester-under-Lyme if I did so.

Nonetheless, a fantastic specimen! Have any of the ammonites you have found at Lyme Regis compare with this at all, preservation wise if not in scale? It would also be nice to see your finds from Kimmeridge too. I've got a few fragmentary crushed ammonites from there I found as a kid but I have never bothered to post pictures of them here as I thought they were too poor quality. Maybe I should dig them out of the drawers and have another look.

Yo Phil, :biggrin2: isn't it indeed, I'll bet some blood was spilled as the pro-boys hacked at each other with rock picks to claim the flatty when it emerged !
I understand your reluctance to sacrifice high tea, I am for various reasons a personal friend of Baroness Hollis of Higham (Pat) who's preference is sauerkraut samosas & Abbot Ale with a shot of Pernod (Ricard is nicer). I also work in the dull industry & am very skint :cry:

Much that I'd rather hack my own out, it sure is perty ! I have a few either packed or not finished where the preservation is amazing but certainly not of that scale, though a section of a large Coroniceras (I believe) came out quite well & I polished the water worn side to bring out the septa.
(It's now been polisher further)

I'm afraid the Kimmeridge reference was a ruse to enable use of the oil shale fire photo in my fantasy, sorry never been there in my life ! :heee:

Attached for your perusal/amusement are 2 monochrome efforts which are mine (colour scan was way too glary :shock: ) & a Coroniceras how we'd all prefer them (courtesy of Ian West)

No need to be shy about posting non-commercial standard specimens, look at the stuff I attach ! it's got more character if it looks like it's had a hard time.
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