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May 30, 2000
I am pleased to announce a new set of forums to better support cephalopod fossil discussions on TONMO. The structure was proposed by TONMO Staff member and Fossils Moderator Kevin Bylund (Architeuthoceras), which I promptly approved and implemented.

Here is Kevin's description of the new forum structure. We'll be working to put old threads into their rightful places. THANK YOU Kevin! :notworth:


The Cephalopod Fossils Forum Category on is being sub-divided into the following sub-forums:

1. General fossil cephalopod discussions: a place for general discussion, statements or questions regarding cephalopod fossils. Taphonomy, Biostratigraphy, paleoecology, and paleoenvironment as pertaining to cephalopods also belong in this forum.

2. Ammonoids: For discussions, statements or questions regarding ammonoids

3. Nautiloids: This forum includes all externally shelled cephalopods other than ammonoids

4. Coleoids: Belemnites, Squid, Argonauts, Spirula, Octopus or any other internally shelled or non-shelled cephalopod fossils.

5. Soft part preservation: Fossils showing the preservation of the soft parts of cephalopods. This can include fossils from any of the 3 groups above.

6. Non-ceph: Some pertinent discussions on fossils other than those of cephalopods

7. Fossil cephalopod ID requests: This is the place to post photos or descriptions of fossils you need identified. We will try to identify your fossil or at least point you in a direction that can lead to an ID.

8. Collecting trips and field work: Tell us about your collecting trip, a journal of your field work, or a conference you attended. Announcements of future meetings or questions about a well known locality.
Great Tony, thanks, this should make thing a little more organized. :biggrin2:

As you can see, Tony has already moved some threads into their rightful forums, hopefully he will leave a few for me so I can move them when I get home from work. If anyone sees a thread that would be better in a different forum, let me know and I'll move it. Also, if you would like a thread renamed and put in a different forum I think I could manage that. Hope you all like the new layout. :heee:
Absolutely excellent. It's really well organised. Some absolutely stunning and occasionally unique stuff has been added recently; now much easier to find. I really should pop by more often.

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