dead scorpian fish etc...


O. vulgaris
Jul 9, 2006
Today when I got home from school I found my leaf scorpianfish lying on the floor dried out next to the tank. :cry: And I just found a petshop to supply fish to! I probably could have sold it for like 20 dollars! Not to mention I feel terrible about it dying in my care. Do you think the octo could have thrown it out of the tank??
In other exciting news I finally got a protein skimmer, well its actually more of an 80 dollar two in one filter skimmer. Unfortunately I can use it because I need a pump...
prolly. i doubt that a fish could leap out of the water liek that. besides i can easly amazing the octo sittng in a corner and grabbing the fish and chucking it out the top.

Yep. It seems to be functioning well. I also figured out that it does the same thing as my bio wheels. So now I have double the filtration power.
Octo will be on the floor tomorrow if a fish can just jump out. I had one push the top open and climb the drapes!
Wouldn't want to lose that great looking guy.
I guess this will be a test of your new skimmer!

Usually octos don't ink when you use a flash - it must have startled him.
You should be able to get good pics without a flash.

And yes, you need to octoproof your tank - you need a cover and some protection for any intakes. Do you need further ideas on how to do this?

As long as it's plastic screen. But you have to find a way to secure it to the tank - duct tape could do for a start.

I think it is likely that the fish jumped out on its own accord... perhaps being in with an octopus spooked it. I tend to try and keep all my tanks covered.
I also had an eel that did the same thing. It suprises me that the fish could escape though because the space for it to jump out is extremely small.
Tako_Poke said:
For some reason Ive never had an octo try and escape... But Ill take it into consideration anyway.

You're very very lucky! the number of times I or one of the other staff have been crawling around the drains looking for a missing octopus................:roll: :biggrin2: