Day 3 for Eureka


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I was worried as I have not had a sighting of anything going on in Eureka's tank except the serpent starfish being vigilant by the largest rock in the tank. The baby hiding stage has begun. Well this morning as I was doing my usual scanning of the tank for any signs of movement, I notice he's been very busy collecting shells, seaglass, anything he can reach without coming out. I have started tapping lightly on the tank so he knows I am there, I tapped, out comes this tentacle, grabbed a shell and shut the space in the rock I had been shining a small flashlight in. Sure told me to leave him alone! I am happy to see movement that is definately planned! Jess and I went collecting the other night at high tide at a local river beach by an inlet. There was a man who was seining with some children. He gave us about 20 hermitcrabs. I had put 5 in but can only find 3 so I know he's eating.

Hopefully he'll become more curious as the days go by and want to know who keeps harrassing him with the tapping on the tank!
Things sound very good so far...of course normal, lol. I guess for some octopuses it could take 2 weeks for it to completely settle or more.

Which river inlet do you collect at? I only know 1 inlet iv been to and its a beach for dogs but its a small river inlet that has a lot washed up...except this is by the bridge going to manasquan. I just got done collecting as well yesturday at the shore at Belmar. I caught loads of mussels and a moon jellyfish which I kept in my tank for a night but it doesn't seem to be alive. I figured it was already dead when I caught it, but you never know with Jellyfish. I had to take it out this morning cuz its ruining my water quality, lol. I have do to a 10% water change today.

I'd love to come and visit one day when the octopus is finally settled and comfortable with everything. And btw, if you ever need saltwater you could always get some at the Seafood Co-Op if you dont feel like buying salt. Im currently using ocean water filtered.
We collect at the dogbeach! And at the river beach in Belmar.

This morning, I saw movement in the tank. He was out! He did the whole parameter of the tank, stopped in the front to observe me and then headed back to his den. All hermit crabs are gone. Have to replennish with 5 more before I head off to work. I was able to catch the jawfish. I saw him go after the legs of Eureka, and was able to snatch him up in a net, while tempting him with food. He's tiny. I didn't realize how small he is. No red coloring, just the normal brown to white and I think he is now recognizing the tap on the tank, cause I lightly continued while he was out with my naills and he still came to the front of the tank to check me out! Pics unfortunately were blurred but he didn't seem to mind the focus light coming on and off. I do not use the flash at all cause I want them to experience the camera as a friendly thing, not something to be afraid of!
His mantle is the size of a grape. I'm not sure on the species. They had him listed as a vulgaris, but I'm not sure. He has that long-arm look. He loves hermitcrabs! I put 5 more in the other day and they are disapearing. Will have to let him go hungry and see if he emerges again looking for food. It's almost like they seek you out once their food source is gone.
he looks exactly like my last octo which was an o. alecto... check it out at ceph base. mine was suppposed to come in as a briarieus and it actually came in with another bria. but it itself wasnt one... great species though. mine was nocturnal but would play with me all night long and loved my dive camera. then she decided to lay eggs... small egg species mine lived about 3-4 months after i got her
The baby hiding stage continues.....It's 10 days today...Very little sightings....I put in 2 more hermits yesterday and Eureka must have been out while I was at work cause they are gone. Very much holed up under the biggest rock in the tank with shells, and seaglass and anything else he can collect to barracade himself in. If I didn't know better I would think hes' preparing for eggs as he has quite a fortress going on there. Need to go collecting this weekend. So far, 12 hermit crabs in 10 days....

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