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cycling a nano tank for octo bocki


May 10, 2006
new to saltwater here, i was thinking of using natural seawater to cycle, is it recommended? or should i use premix saltwater.

-using live rocks required lights on 12-11hrs to cured when cycling?

-how frequent water changes do i have to made for a species like octo bocki?

- bare or sand?

-protein skimmer is a must?:confused:
Like I said in your last thread an bokci cannot be kept on a nano tank. Also finding and getting a brocki are very slim. You should do a water change weekly or bio-weekly with a 10 to 20% water change. Its best to use low watt lights for an octopus. using sand is best for an octopus. I use pre-mixed salt. (oceanic and ocean pure saltmix). to spike your tanks cycle I suggest putting a half a pound per gallon of live rock in the tank.
Be sure to read the "ceph care" sheets written by Nancy and Colin...I think you will find they answer most of your questions.


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