cyanea in a cave


Haliphron Atlanticus
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Dec 31, 2003
We came across this Octopus cyanea foraging on the roof of a cave the other day (its ocelli weren't being expressed strongly, but were there). Oahu is crawling with octos. Last night we saw four species of octo in about an hour of snorkeling.


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Don't worry- that is the eye- in this pic you can only barely see a hint of one of the ocelli as a slightly raised circle of skin slightly up and to the right of the funnel.

On this trip we've seen ornatus, cyanea (both during the day and out in bright moonlight), cf. luteus, cf. hawiiensis (spelled "wrong" in the original description), Amphioctopus arenicola, the long-armed sand octopus, and a couple others that are potentially new. It's been a good summer. Not sure if I'll be able to check in over the next month- will be on Palmyra Atoll with a team from the Cal Acad trying to find the octos there- though night diving will be heavily restricted.
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