Feb 27, 2003
Has anyone noticed that has started selling cuttlefish???? Is this really an option for us in the U.S. to have cuttles? This is really exciting :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2:

any feed back?.......
I noticed also that when I went to order my bimac on they had started selling them too! Good news for all of you cuttle fans it seems :smile:

Robert :cyclops:
Yep, it was a long time coming....

Just be aware that it is Sepia officinalis that is being sold and that they are going to get BIG and need a cooler for most places :smile:
:biggrin2: Awesome!!! Its great to see that cuttles are getting a place in all this - not that it is prctical to ship one from the us to Australia - ahh well.

Collin, have you heard any more from that guy who was talking about setting up a breeding colony in Australia?
bummer, not that ive been around either! :wink:

good to be back! Collin have you got any cuttles at the moment? post a picture of your tank - or is there one on the photo page already? ill go look now! :biggrin2:

I still love your old tank with all the algae! :cry:
too much going on right now for me to have any cephs :frown:

But dont worry, things are in the pipeline for a year or two's time... just need a better way of selling 'cephalopod room' to my other half :smile:
well good luck with that :?

i like to try the old "well hey ther really really ridiculouslygood lookin'" and then something like...

"i've been trying to think of the best way to add thousands in value to the house....and then it came to me...a CEPHALOPOD ROOM. In the entrance we could have the chambered nautilus followed by rows of black squid cylinders along the walls and a centrepiece containing a colony of cuttles...oh yeah and octos in the back corner" lol

well it might work??? :lol:

good luck
My bet is that the octos and cuttles on are from octopets, so you should buy directly from octopets to reduce stress.
I cant even begin to imagine how horrible the red tape would be... maybe worth looking into but i think local species would be a better safer bet

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